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"I Can Call Complete Strangers Now!
For Only $19.90, Michael Dlouhy's 'Color To Success' CD Training Has Boosted My Self-Confidence & Results In Every Way!"

-- Tom West, Pennsylvania

"Michael's 'Colors Training' Is Incredible"

I thought I knew personalities. But I only knew mirroring. Michael taught me there's a reason for each person's behavior, a way to talk to each effectively. I still listen to Michael's CD Color to Success as often as I can. He hits on all cylinders.

I finally understand why my father doesn't hug, or say "I love you," and why my mother smiles as people walk over her.

I used to get angry when someone cut me off in traffic. Now I'm fascinated. Colors is probably the most important training you can listen to and apply to your life.

Dan Svoboda

In ONE hour on the "Color To Success" CD training,
you will learn the following:

  • What does it tell you if you eat out with a prospect and they stack their dishes at the table?
  • Why 90% of your recruits should NEVER sell to friends & family.
  • Why your company & products have almost NO bearing on your success.
  • The ONLY two things ANY prospect cares about.
  • How to lower the tension level & raise the co-operation level.
  • A phone script that is 90% successful.
  • Why most approaches only appeal to 10% of the population.
You will learn EXACTLY how to talk with a prospect
for 3 minutes and find out the following:
  • Is this a good team player?
  • Is this person good at support?
  • Is this prospect over-sensitive?
  • Is this prospect creative?
  • Does this prospect need to see the big picture rather than specific facts & figures?
  • Does this prospect need specific facts & figures rather than the big picture?
  • Is this prospect a self-starter?
  • Will this prospect be a good promoter?
  • Is this prospect unorganized or scattered?
  • Is this prospect poor on follow-up?
  • Does this prospect crave excitement?
  • Is this prospect a perfectionist?
  • Does this prospect consider themself the smartest person on the planet?
  • Is this prospect a great planner?
  • Is this prospect excellent at follow-up?
  • Does this prospect excel at strategy?
  • Is this prospect unteachable?
  • Will this prospect be a top recruiter?
  • Is this prospect strongly money-motivated?
  • Will this prospect be a Leader?
  • What is the best compensation plan for this prospect to work?
  • And much, much more!

"Listening To Michael Train & Show You
How To Use The Colors Philosophy Is Priceless"

I learned about the colors years ago. I listen to the Colors Training constantly in the car. People get in my car and ask what the tapes are. Then they ask, "What color am I?" Understanding the Colors trainings is valuable to anyone, anywhere who is interested in communicating and building any relationships.

Life is always a choice. Each of us has the power to choose, create and attract any lifestyle ... and the people in it. I want the people I interact with to know they are valued and appreciated. They make a difference.

And when they get it, I know I have made a difference. That's a great feeling, to know in your heart you've helped change someone's life.

And it all starts with your Color To Success CD training!"

Debbie Haxton

"The Big Key - You Learn How To Listen"

In 1992, we found an MLM that sounded great. Wonderful compensation plan. But the product wasn't consumable. So you had no residual income. And it wasn't a system that average people could do. You need to know how to get prospects and how to talk to them. We didn't get that. Once you signed up, you were on your own.

Connecting with Michael made a big difference. His Colors training taught me how to listen. Before, when I spoke to someone, I focused on my agenda, not theirs. I shut them out. That definitely doesn't work.

So Colors really helped me see that doing this business isn't about me. It's about them. Now, I have the mental & emotional "tools" to attract hard working self-motivated, ambitious people to every level of my business.

David Trujillo

"Michael Has Helped Me a Lot
- And Not Just In Business!"

Nothing helps build relationships like Michael's Colors Training. I used it in my personal life before I used it in business.

I was struggling with a controlling, demanding person. After my first Colors training with Michael, I called him.

Michael's ideas totally changed that bad relationship. He told me exactly what to do & say. And it worked. Now, this person actually treats me like someone who matters. The difference is amazing. Thank you, Michael.

Peg Snyder

"Everybody Needs THIS Training"

You can't just jump in and be a success in network marketing. You have to learn how to speak to people on the phone. You need the Color To Success training to know the different personality groups.

If a Red comes at a Green, all headstrong, the Green will just turn off. Good-bye. Same if the Red goes after a Blue or a Yellow. The only time a Red is successful is when he's talking to another Red.

You have to learn to be a chameleon when talking to people. That's key. Once you've built a relationship, you can show your other traits. Everybody has all 4 colors to some degree.

Craig Potts

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"Thanks To Michael, My Confidence Is Back"

What's made the most difference for me has been Color To Success training. I've learned my own personality and why I relate to people as I do. It has really helped because I can figure out how they'll react to me when I talk to them. So understanding myself is one of the most important things I learned from Michael. His personality training is a big winner.

I got on Michael's MLM prospecting and Coaches Corner calls. I just listened for several weeks before I would even speak. Then one night I could not hold my silence any longer. I started participating. It was wonderful to express myself and get positive feedback. Michael and the team have really believed in me and helped me understand it was not my fault. I was not a failure.

I've told a lot of people about the free generic training & Coaches Corner calls. I build relationships with them. I get surprising feedback because it's information they've never heard before in MLM. They're especially amazed I tell them it's free.

Myra Dwyer

"You Learn How To Attract People"

Color to Success teaches you to spot a person's personality type within 2 minutes of talking to them. You learn how to peak their interest, how to build a relationship.

That prospect may be highly technical. Certain questions and keywords you learn in the Color to Success CD will tell you that. They'll want more information before they ever consider a decision.

Or maybe that person wants to know, "How can I make money tomorrow?" Different approach. Learn it on the CD. Ask a few simple questions on the phone to understand the personality. Build a relationship. You'll draw people to you, attract them. They'll want to do business with you.

Dave Cones

"You Learn How To Be A Leader"

Network marketing can be frustrating. Sometimes you feel no control. But when you build relationships, it changes. You can succeed with any network marketing company.

Michael's training helps with personal relationships. Color To Success is incredible. I learned Myers-Brigg personality-typing in school and all through my career. You learn about personality traits, your best career choice, and how to relate to people.

But it was confusing. Michael's training gives you step-by-step how to relate to people. It changed my relationship with my husband. We laugh now, but we had issues. He's so Green. I'm so Blue. When we realized it's just our personalities, the tension melted.

What kind of price tag can you put on THAT? It's about becoming a better person and developing as a leader. Some people think leaders are just for business or industry. But a leader attracts people. To do that, you have to walk in their shoes, understand them. Color To Success helps a lot. It's a good foundation.

You learn how other people perceive what you say, and how you should talk to them, based on their personality. I've always asked a lot of questions. But it wasn't until the Colors training that I started to ask the RIGHT questions to understand them as a person.

So now, I LOVE to listen to see what I can find out about them, what's important to them. I'm WAY different than when I first met Michael."

Laura Lewandowski

"Powerful Training!"

Listening to Michael's Colors Training over and over, I learned to listen to my prospects and to better understand them and their needs.

Then I purchased Michael's CD Color to Success and had my husband listen with me to that and not only can I better understand him, he can do the same with me. This training has enhanced our relationship with each other.

It's powerful to be able to understand people ... especially since people are our business.

Judith May

Order "Color To Success" CD - Click Here

"I Can Call Complete Strangers Now"

The information in Color To Success has improved my life in every way. My business, my career as a public school teacher, and even my marriage and my relationship with my sons have changed for the better.

I now understand why my wife is not willing to be told what to do. I understand why my youngest son seems so sensitive to other people's moods. Best of all, I can now pick up the phone and call complete strangers around the world with no fear of rejection.

Ever since I was a kid, I was afraid to talk to strangers on the phone. The information I got from Color To Success has boosted my self-confidence, an invaluable benefit. And best of all, it cost next to nothing!

Tom West

"You Learn To Listen Without Judging"

Your Colors training has helped me accept others without judgement. It clarified how I sabotaged myself, remaining in a relationship with a green who is completely resistant to change. The training helped me let go of that relationship.

Liz Shaw

"Michael Dlouhy Is The Real Deal"

I've tried a couple companies and had some moderate success. But the duplication and the retention were not there for the long term success and FREEDOM I was looking for.

Then I stumbled across Michael Dlouhy and his mentoring & coaching approach to building people. As a "Green", (learn more about that from the Colors Training) I was skeptical about EVERYTHING Michael said and did. But as I tuned in to various conference calls & coaching sessions, I was amazed at his patience and consistency.

Michael is sincerely interested in HELPING OTHERS. He often talks about "getting things from your head to your heart". And until you do, those words don't mean much. But eventually the "lightbulb clicked". And I realized I've come full circle.

Mike Duffey

"It TRIPLED My Sponsoring Rate!"

First time I really said, "Aha!" was Michael's Color To Success training, about 3 years ago. I was listening for, "How can this help me in my business?"

What I didn't expect was, outside of business, everyday communication. I got Heather to listen to Michael on speakerphone. She doesn't get as excited as I do, but she got all fired up about Colors. We were pointing and elbowing each other through the whole thing.

Before marriage, we had counseling through our church. We took marriage VERY seriously. But we hadn't been educated on personalities. It REALLY clarifies so much. Now when we make decisions, or some topic comes up, we can predict how the other will react and communicate. It's an amazing tool.

And then there's my family. I used to get frustrated when my parents didn't see things the way I did. It put up barriers for years. We talked, but there was always tension.

When I realized my mom is a Yellow, my dad is VERY Green, & my sister is Green, I understood them better. I communicated better. I got so excited at Thanksgiving 3 years ago. Heather & I went to visit. Suddenly, the haze cleared. I could see their perspective. They could see mine. It was a miracle.

We have awesome relationships now. It all started with learning the personality types. That was a barrier. Now it's a tool. I use it everyday, on line at the grocery, mentoring a new person, whatever I do. It's second nature.

With Colors, it's easy and fun to work with people. I used to dread the phone. Now I know exactly what I'm doing - listening, spotting the personality type. Numbers-wise, it tripled my sponsoring rate. And when people join, I'm better-equipped to mentor them. The Colors is a very strong foundation.

Scott Thompson

"You Learn To Relate
To Different People Differently"

Your Color To Success training and Coaches Corner calls made me look at what I was doing. "Colors" was the icing on the cake. I learned to listen, how to talk to someone and spot the personality. With a Green, I couldn't push and promote them. They need more detail. Yellows, talk about the teamwork and nurturing. Blues, you tell them how much fun it is. Reds, I could sell.

I had to hear it a couple times to pick it up. I understood it, but couldn't apply it. So I listened again. That's tough for me - listening to people, to see what color they are, instead of just selling.

I'd want to jump ahead. If they didn't get right to the point, I'd help. People don't like that. They want to say what they want to say. So Color To Success helped me listen, let them finish their sentence, not put my words in their mouth, then proceed based on what they say.

Jerry Olthoff

"An Extra $200,000 In Sales Contracts"

I had a lot of questions about why it was so hard to get a positive response from people. Your Color To Success training taught me that if you just to listen to people, you can determine their personality. And that helps you become a better listener, a better people-person. Just stop for a moment. Let THEM talk.

So while trying to determine the personality, I quit pounding on people. I listened. Within 60 days, we had close to $200,000 in sales contracts!

All I did was go in to see these people to spot their personalities. So what happens? They say, "Well, while you're here, we need this." Or "we want you to do a quote on these products for us." Remarkable. It started falling into place.

Then we applied these principles to network marketing. We've seen our downline grow, and it has not stopped - all because of what you teach. And really, it was lessons forgotten, that you just need to be reminded about.

Dan Brooks
Ontario, Canada

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